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Beyond School provides an alternative environment to traditional schooling to students ages 12 and up. Our staff supports self-directed learning by having students make decisions about how they learn and what they learn. 


We offer mentoring and instruction geared towards guiding these individuals to find what their goals are and how to reach them. Students are paired with experts in areas of interest for specialized instruction, and we organize internships and apprenticeships for students in their prospective career.


Our goal is to aid in the development and transition of our students into adulthood, whether they are college, vocational, or entrepreneurial bound.

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Learning is natural when the material is meaningful. Students at Beyond School work with their mentors to develop a learning plan that suits their personal needs and goals. Without the confines of bell schedules and state mandated standards, teens are free to explore their interests and work towards their goals at their own pace.

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Beyond School is part of a national movement to create self-directed learning programs for young people. Our program combines the valuable parts of school - community, peers, mentors and classes - with the freedom and individuality of homeschooling.


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