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Join us and take charge of your education


Enrollment Process

We have no enrollment deadlines and accept students at any time throughout the year. If you are interested in taking charge of your education, just fill out our application and send it in to - we'll arrange a meeting with the student and their family so we can start working on a self-directed learning plan.

Tuition and Fees

Beyond School is a privately funded non-profit organization committed to providing a superior education experience to everyone, regardless of income. Because of our philosphy and mission, we cannot accept any federal or state funding, therefore we charge a membership fee to cover our daily operations. Our fees operate on a sliding scale and we would never turn any student away for financial reasons - we at Beyond School believe that meaningful, self-directed education should be a right, not a privilege, and we will continue to work so that our services are widely available. To download our membership agreement and get more info, click here.

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