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Our program is designed to build a network of self-directed learners and educators who model how to care about themselves, their community, and the world they live in to everyone they encounter, while aiding in their transition into adulthood, whether college, entrepreneurial or vocational bound.

As an alternative high school space, our students are classified as home-schooled, so there are no state or federally mandates curricula, tests or attendance requirements. Students can spend their time working on material that interesting and meaningful to them.

Home-schooled students are increasingly welcomed by 4-year colleges. Millions of home-school students attend college. Students simply need to provide a portfolio of high school level work, or proof of a High School Equivalency credential is also acceptable. We will help our students achieve either of these options.


We will prepare our students for the SAT or ACT, provide them with transcripts/portfolio of the what they learned with us, and help them get letters of recommendations. 

The weekly class schedule at Beyond School will depend on the interests and needs of our current students. We will offer three to four "classes" per day, with ample time for students to work independently on projects. One day per week will be set aside for "field trips" to local musems, farms, small businesses, or anywhere our students are interested in visiting.


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